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Automotive sheet metal
Jun 13, 2016

First said the sheet what is doing. Technology of automobile sheet metal is a car repair, automotive sheet metal car sheet metal repairs, to fix your body after the collision between an automobile, that is, except the body is anticorrosive and decorative painting work out all remaining work. Damage analysis of car body, car body measurements, the plastic of the car body sheet metal, stretching to correct, to stress in welding and auto body accessories assembling, adjusting, etc.

Che Banjin is a processing method for auto repair, also known as cold, says bluntly, deformation of appearance if the body is damaged, you need this process of sheet metal. Auto collision repair from the original "hit welding" developed into a body of secondary manufacturing Assembly. Collision repair of vehicles are no longer simple automotive sheet metal banging, repair quality cannot solely rely on the naked eye to see the vehicle's appearance, cracks.