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Coating process of car body
Jun 13, 2016

1. Master's "settlement". White, some yellow is the most severe type of masterbatch, because of its density of pigments, often moist with obvious color difference between the paint swatches. If drying paint containing a certain amount of white paint or some yellow paint, paint mixing, and visual comparison Standards Board, requires wet coating mix better than standard color light, light. This is because, when mixing wet paint, heavy color before settlement, lighter than the paint color and leveling time after spraying occurred in the settlement, the light color in the surface more, color is more pure, and appearance to be "dark". Just after you spray the paint and dried paint surface, it is also one of the main reasons. Roasted dry finish will appear darker.

2.Try to use high color purity. Car color choices like bright, vibrant colors, red, blue, yellow. These color match you need to use less black mother occasionally with a small amount of white bright adjust brightness and (pure), but to recognize that this will lead to some degree of colour turbidity.

3. tries not to use low intensity of color as the primary color, even when you had to choose, and we should try to use high hiding power of color, this bright red is the most common.