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Correct the wheel alignment owner myth:
Jun 13, 2016

1, think of doing four wheel alignment is the adjustment of toe-in.

Four wheel alignment, as its name suggests, requires automobile four wheel alignment status are taken into account. Beam angle is a concept before, technically called toe angle. In fact, front wheels not only the toe angle, camber, caster caster, kingpin inclination. Rear wheel toe angle and Camber thrust angle and other major angle positioning. When making a four wheel alignment, the position angle of the rear wheels is more important.

2, choose the cheaper stores wheel alignment, problem solve.

Many four wheel alignment at present production companies strive to occupy markets, various forms of production, quality of positioning confusing, no intellectual property rights and technical content locator manufacturers compete to lower prices.

Behind is because of the low price equipment technology and measurement accuracy is not high, this results in the vehicle could not solve their problem. Even more.