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Four wheel alignment does not require maintenance like regular
Jun 13, 2016

Four wheel alignment does not require maintenance like regular, but only used car is out of the question. So, what happen? About summed up four:

① After replacing a new tire. Just replace the tire, wheel alignment parameter and cannot determine if you are within the limits prescribed must be redetected adjustment. The same way, after doing maintenance tire swap should do the wheel alignment.

② After the vehicles collided, the chassis and suspension damage. We know that four wheel alignment is hanging things on, suspension damage, wheel alignment parameters are subject to change.

③ vehicle driving performance is affected. Such as riding in the vehicle keeps running, does not automatically turn the steering wheel, steering wheel shaking, floating serves or overweight.

④ tire bias or other abnormal wear. Such as wear occurs on one side, may be the camber angle the deviation and toe is not normal also let the tire abnormal wear.