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Four wheel alignment is not easy to do these kinds of situations do not require
Jun 13, 2016

1, pressure range is the car a lot of people overlook

Many people found himself car run partial has, first step didn't thought of is tire pressure problem, many car are no tire pressure monitoring system, with eye is hard see tire pressure of how many of, because tied tire led to run partial Shi, tire pressure on has is low has, if is simple of deficiency gas that also simple is, then tire pattern also will effect run partial, each 20,000 km should replacement about tire of location, because drive round of wear degree always will than from moving wheels big, different of friction also will directly raised run partial. But replacement may be a misalignment problem, which is caused by tread wear is inconsistent.

2, normally a new car due to a suspension failure

Such deviation probability is very low, because the factory vehicle has been factory tested and adjusted. But does not rule out a problem with the original design, such as suspension of the Guide rods and steering levers interference will affect the vehicle running. The former is caused by the manufacture, adjustment of errors, which are caused by the original design, and the latter more slanting to the right.