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Pneumatic design of tire change
Jun 13, 2016

Future direction of tire may have two revolutionary development, one is the integration of tire rims, one is not pure rubber pneumatic tires. Wanli tires General Manager Lai Yanshan said: "over the next 10 years, both of these tires are likely to become a reality, the tire with the advancement of technology to significantly reduce production costs. But the main problem is to achieve technology across borders, because it involves the rims, tires, combination of materials technology. ”

At present, the Wanli tires started the internationalization strategy, try hard to change the image of cheap inexpensive Chinese tires left outside, and product sales to the most sophisticated car market. Lai yan expected Wanli tires in the second quarter is expected to officially landed Japan market forms and sales. By 2020, the Wanli tires will achieve sales of 40 million, of which exports accounted for about half.

Meanwhile, Wanli tires in the middle of the advancement of the listing plan. Wanli tires was wish to leverage the power of the capital markets and further expand the scale of industry and expand international market presence, enhance the competitiveness of accessory and auto aftermarket.