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SCC car upholstery cleaner homes will be able to enjoy the quality service to customers
Jun 13, 2016

Wash car is pieces time-consuming upset of live, kick has day, out wash car, road need time, queued need time, wash car need time, less is 30 minutes, more is one or two a hours, met road jam, queued waiting, more is martyrdom! so wash car never is owners willing to to do of a things! but, on most owners for wash car is a had to experienced Pro-for of things!

Currently, the SCC car upholstery cleaning equipment with automatic closed strong upholstery dry cleaning machine, linen cushion ironing machine washing and drying machine, hair comb, forming a series of upholstery cleaning equipment, for investors to decide on their investment scale. We estimated time of 3-5 years, opening stores in over 1000 cities in the country, with the majority of investors ' share of this lucrative market, making SCC car seat washing the chain of famous brands of cleaning equipment.

SCC car upholstery cleaning equipment always directions on application of new technology in car wash equipment, market-oriented, continuous development of high efficient and energy-saving washing equipment, adapted to different areas of application, SCC car upholstery cleaning equipment, homes will be able to let customers enjoy convenient, professional, high quality service, but also can experience the "exalted, noble" consumer experience. New model of mobile car wash service, no doubt will upset the traditional washing mode, greatly satisfied car owners a fast paced, high taste of modern life demands, there will be a revolution in marketing new car wash, car wash wealth created a new miracle.