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Sheet metal repair technology and its application in automobile maintenance
Jun 13, 2016

Automotive industry as a pillar industry in China, the rapid development of deep into all areas of social life, development of automotive technology, new materials used, make a modern car with tradition there is a huge gap, it also brings new challenges to modern automotive collision repair. Since 1940 there since the non-beam car, in order to meet the needs of economy and environmental protection in the automotive industry, car body of steel and lighter in weight, thinner plate thickness, material composition and more complex.

Due to the widespread adoption of modern cars no frame unibody, unibody is the basis of automobile Assembly is installed. When the body hit the deformation, high requirement for body repair plastic, because the plastic bodywork after the point between the relations not only affect the appearance, also affect the wheel alignment, relative position of the chassis Assembly, controls whether the interference and a series of key issues. Therefore, body maintenance quality directly affects the driving direction stability, ride comfort and handling.