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Sheet metal working processes
Jun 13, 2016

Sheet metal working processes can be broadly divided into: disassembly and Assembly of car body, body repair, body correction.

And each process can be broken down into several processes. In-depth explanation must be referred to the concept 2: automotive jobs, automotive body.

Basic auto repair industry can be divided into: machinery mechanics, electrical mechanics, sheet metal mechanic, painting mechanic, remaining accessories, beauty, special repair industry are not included.

For dividing car body that is removed the whole car circuit computer system, removing the whole car engine-driven steering brake systems, removing the paint. Rest is the car's bodywork.

Car body Assembly (this is a common accessory name) include: body sheet metal (metal) auto glass, auto lights, Interior, exterior trim and handles, seats and accessories, lock body, window sealing and a lifting mechanism, door and front and rear canvas cover links Agency, combined. In other words, when your car appears broken glass, door lock failure, trim damaged when to remember is you want to find an automobile rather than other types of sheet metal!