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What is wheel alignment?
Jun 13, 2016

Four round positioning can said is each drive of people are more or less listening to friends or 4S shop amount maintenance workers filed had, let people feel four round positioning is universal of, as long as vehicles has is run partial or jitter is because need do four round positioning has, actually often facts than imagine of more simple, too much of human adjustment instead will effect factory Shi parameter, let car became more difficult open. So we came looking for, which does not require a wheel alignment can be solved.

Four wheel alignment is through positioning angle measurement to diagnose vehicles if there are any adverse symptoms and eliminate the symptoms. General family car at the time of annual maintenance do wheel alignment is necessary, and some frequently used vehicles under special conditions to locate once every three months. (Note that in many special and extreme cases, normally running car if not often go bad road or off-road, even occur collisions, is generally does not need to be adjusted)