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China 's Three - Dimensional Parking Lot Into The Wisdom Of The 2.0 Era
Oct 11, 2017

According to the Shenzhen Office of the news that the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress this year, NPC deputies proposed, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission has selected 15 parking areas prominent contradictions, as the first batch of three-dimensional parking lot pilot, to promote the implementation during the year. A media survey data show that 57% of the owners optimistic about the prospects for the development of smart three-dimensional garage, 59% of the owners are willing to park the vehicle in the three-dimensional parking garage, indicating that most people on the three-dimensional parking lot accepted, in favor of attitude, for many owners worried Of the safety and operational problems, but also is expected to solve through the intelligent parking system.


The industry said that the three-dimensional parking lot is not a new concept, look at Japan and South Korea and Italy and other countries in Europe and Asia, due to the development and utilization of three-dimensional parking equipment has been the government's attention and support, the development is very rapid. Today, China's intelligent three-dimensional parking garage construction technology has been relatively mature, joined the large data, artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological elements, can be more humane, intelligent to help owners stop, as long as proper maintenance, and there will be no car safety risks. In addition, for investors, innovative investment and financing methods also include the government set up special funds to encourage the PPP model, set up supporting value-added services to increase revenue sources.

"In recent years, Shenzhen has to promote roadside parking, shared parking and intelligent parking garage and other projects floor construction, in line with the trend of urban traffic intelligence development," Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee of the economy Work Committee members, Shenzhen City Internet Finance Chamber of Commerce, Di Meng wisdom traffic CEO to Jun said that China's auto holdings year after year surge, parking is very scarce. From the just released the National Day traffic data can be seen, track sites, popular attractions, parks, shopping district, old residential areas, hospitals and other regions, the basic has become difficult to stop the hardest hit, to the general public holiday travel, Visit friends, medical treatment has brought great distress.

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Xu Yahua, director of the Transportation Services Division of the Ministry of Transport, said that the use of technology in the construction of major transport infrastructure is very important. There are huge traffic infrastructure projects in all parts of the country. Intelligent parking is one of the most important directions. For the ever-changing China, the city space is very limited, land prices remain high, compared with the same capacity of ordinary parking, three-dimensional parking garage with a small footprint, less investment, short duration and other obvious advantages, in addition, intelligent three-dimensional Parking garage with obstacle confirmation, emergency braking, vehicle long and ultra-high detection device security protection system, both manual and automatic access device, the owner can complete the operation independently, without the need for professionals to reduce labor costs.

To think that the next few years, intelligent three-dimensional parking lot will gradually from the urban parking lot investment and construction options into a must, especially in a second-tier cities, the number of three-dimensional parking garage will be far beyond our imagination. At the same time, although China's three-dimensional parking market is still in its infancy, but the three-dimensional parking equipment has evolved into the 2.0 intelligent era, companies must attach great importance to three-dimensional parking facilities and intelligent software system of organic convergence in order to stand out in the market competition. Dillon wisdom three-dimensional parking garage solution, for example, the program to large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other innovative technology-based, with intelligent access, online charges, automated and efficient management, security and other functions for the local government , Traffic management agencies, car park operators to provide a strong technical support.