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Development And Future Trend Of Automotive Lifts
Jun 13, 2016

Since 2010, the domestic investment in fixed assets and real estate development under the background of rapid growth, aerial industry is a fast-growing trend, especially the first half of total sales growth of nearly 60%, due to the construction machinery sales in the second half into the off-season, plus the high base last year before and after low impact, industry growth dropped slightly. Construction machinery sales rose above 48%, the whole machinery industry in the first place.

Automotive lifts are a widely used construction machinery, its work platform leveling mechanism with self leveling mechanism, parallel four-bar leveling mechanism, chain, sprocket leveling mechanism, static hydraulic adjusting mechanism and electro-hydraulic adjusting mechanism and so on. Leveling aerial work platform introduced the structure and working principle analysis of leveling characteristics and scope of technology.

2011 in strengthening macroeconomic control and regulation of the real estate industry, under pressure from construction machinery industry growth will be down significantly, but the building of affordable housing will be offset to some extent the above pressures, combined with rapid growth in export markets is very high, so construction machinery demand will continue to grow, we expect growth in 2011 construction machinery is about 20%. Lifting appliances are expected to face accelerating growth, excavator, growth will fall.