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Guidance On The Use Of Rail Lifts
Jul 06, 2017


The use of rail-type lifts to pay attention to what matters? Rail-type lifts are mainly used for floors, factories, large restaurants and other occasions, such as the delivery of materials and other products in the use of rail-type lifts more frequent occasions, we must pay attention to some Precautions for use!

1, this equipment, manufacturers will have a dedicated technical staff to guide the use, and comes with instructions, we must carefully read and follow the instructions of the manufacturers;

2, the lift above to be equipped with a special seat belt and helmets for the use of operating personnel;

3, when used not allowed to overload and partial load operation, to avoid damage to the lift, to bring harm to the staff;

4, to be completed after the operation, to clean up the platform above the debris, the platform down to the ground, and cut off the operating power;

5, the next need to re-enable, be sure to test once or twice the normal lift and then a formal operation;

6, the lift in the course of running, do not let unrelated personnel stay to watch;

7, in the transport of some scattered materials, must be placed well, can not be exposed, to avoid running the process of falling,

8, in the process of lifting, is strictly prohibited workers in the platform to move around, or do other dangerous action;

9, people leave the meal or get off work must be locked to control the electronic control box, to avoid accidental collision accident;

10, if the use of the time is relatively long, in the daily use of the best check, such as: the overall structure of whether there is cracks, tubing is oil spill, etc., timely detection and timely processing;

11, especially in the outdoor rail-type lifts, due to frequent wind, rain, sun, etc., than the indoor failure rate is higher, Shanghai cattle force machinery to remind you to always check the maintenance;


Qingdao Victory Group to remind you customers: the above points to take seriously!