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How To Shop For Lifting Cargo Lift
Jun 13, 2016

First, according to the actual shaft. lifting cargo lift must be installed in a closed shaft within the environment, well reality determines the final lifting of the freight elevator specification and sizes. including channel width and depth, pit and plant, and so on. (2) and is rated load weight. manufacturing or design set elevator load (Kg) is the main parameter of lifting cargo lift, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg and other specifications are available. (3), and rated speed. manufacturing or design provides of elevator speed, units for m/s, is elevator main parameter. lifting freight elevator general speed for 0.25m/s and the 0.2m/s, for special of situation Xia can design to maximum not over 0.5M/s. (4), and car van size. General lifting freight elevator of car van size can understanding into outside net size and within net size, to wide, and deep, and high said. but former more is customer himself using, which more is lifting freight elevator manufacturers using. (5), the lifting height. lifting run freight elevator from the ground floor to the top floor height. must be accurately measured, because lifting height of hydraulic cylinder length, and the hydraulic cylinder is relatively expensive. (6), the top floor height. automobile elevator running from bottom-end station to the height of the top end station, this is also very important, because the top floor height must comply with the criteria for national acceptance.