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Installing Smart Parking Systems Is Not Just About Managers
May 22, 2017


The parking lot is the same, the intelligent parking lot management system can manage the parking lot system well, effectively promote the parking lot limited parking space utilization, alleviate the parking problem, but also make the parking lot is not equipped with intelligent Parking system more rules, many riders will say that this is only to the property managers benefit, they will keep some unnecessary rules, really is this? Installation of intelligent parking management system, in the end who is the ultimate beneficiaries?



A few years ago, the parking system system that many people are only in some parking lot to see, with the gradual increase in vehicles, and now a lot of district, unit entrances and exits, hospitals, scenic spots and other places have been installed on the smart car park system, The purpose is to create a comfortable, safe parking environment. Urbanization has been expanding, the number of private cars increased, for the convenience of people traveling will drive their own cars, which triggered a traffic congestion, parking is difficult, chaos parking and a series of problems if not effectively resolved, greatly increased People's daily life brought about by the trouble.

Intelligent parking system in the end for people to solve the problem in the parking? What are the benefits of installing an intelligent car park management system for property managers and carcassers?

First of all, it can ensure that the owner of the vehicle parking safety, the traditional manual hair management model can not record the vehicle parked records, prone to throw the car phenomenon, and intelligent parking management system, using image comparison or license plate recognition system, The scene of the vehicle automatically images capture and save the parking records, through the image comparison function, so that people parking more secure.

Second, the parking system can make vehicles in and out of the parking space, and to achieve automatic parking guide function, while the management center staff can display through the computer to view the parking spaces and parking spaces, real-time understanding of parking spaces in the parking spaces Use, to improve the utilization of parking spaces.

In addition, the parking system can be different types of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, the implementation of different charges, and can be charged at any time to collect parking fees, improve the parking lot of income; the system automatically calculate the parking costs, effectively ensure that artificial charges Charges loopholes and capital loss. For some special vehicles, take the way to stop the traffic, improve traffic speed, give people parking to create a good environment.

Finally, for the owner of the parking, from the parking lot to the parking lot to pay the entire parking process eliminates the need for the administrator to participate in the steps, thanks to intelligent equipment to complete the parking, whether in large or small parking lot are Did not feel difficult to stop.

Because people's daily life as work, leave the time most have a specific law. Parking requirements will peak in a certain period of time, peak traffic concentration, vehicle type, parking time varies, the majority of temporary short-term parking, and large parking space, scenes and signs similar to the direction is not easy to identify, The formation of the owner to find a car difficult, intelligent parking management system can be a very effective solution to this problem, but a small management system will allow parking management system and riders can benefit, this is not very good?