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Intelligent Parking System Features
May 23, 2017


Today's parking lot is generally used intelligent parking system, can bring some convenience to the owners. So, what is the smart parking system? The following Xiaobian to tell you about the intelligent parking system and intelligent parking system characteristics.

What is a smart parking system?

Intelligent parking system is based on the modern electronic and information technology, in the parking area of the entrance to install automatic identification device, through the contactless card or license plate identification to access the area of the vehicle to determine the identification, access / rejection, Records, fees, release and other intelligent management, its purpose is to effectively control the vehicle and personnel access, record all the details and automatically calculate the amount of fees, to achieve on-site vehicle and charge security management.

The intelligent parking system integrates the intelligent card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing and automatic control technology, and automates the management of vehicles in the parking lot, including vehicle identity judgment, access control, license plate automatic identification, parking spaces Retrieval, parking guide, car reminders, image display, model proofreading, time calculation, cost collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic take (received) card series of scientific and effective operation. These functions can be flexibly deleted or increased according to the needs of users and the actual situation, the formation of different sizes and levels of luxury, standard, economical parking management system and vehicle control system.


Intelligent parking system features

Easy to use;

System sensitive and reliable;

Equipment safe and durable;

Can accurately distinguish between its own vehicles, foreign vehicles and special vehicles;

Immediately charge parking fees and other related expenses, increase revenue;

Early payment of long-term customer parking fees;

To prevent the occurrence of refusal of parking fees;

To prevent the charges of favoritism and arbitrary charges;

Automated design, rapid access to vehicles, improve quality and efficiency to provide quality, safe, automatic parking services;

Saving the cost of management expenses, improve work efficiency and economic benefits;


Parking Management System Advantages

First, the stability of performance

CAN-BUS + Ethernet; dual-network backup, improve communication stability and bandwidth, compared with the previous RS-485 has obvious advantages. B / S + C / S structure; B / S structure is conducive to system deployment; can be directly in different places through the browser to participate in system management; system with remote upgrade and remote diagnosis. Powerful, can be achieved under the online service online consultation, online alarm, remote diagnosis, upgrade download, fault alarm, demand feedback, fault information derived, and so on. The database will be copied from the server out of the accident, you can restore the historical data, so that the normal operation of the system. To achieve the function of network charges. At the same time the system can be based on the needs of all users are installed in the Red Gate headquarters and strict commissioning. High and low billet import and export operation panel design, to solve the current industry in the large trucks, bus parking management (such as the car can not be used with the system ticket box, card, etc.) inconvenience of the drawbacks. The components of the module module together, the original one by one of the management staff must be three people can only complete a person can easily complete.


Second, optimize the function

HParking Professional Edition has all the features of the Standard Edition, virtual accounts, nested, license plate recognition, centralized charging, dynamic voice, discount consumption, medium / long distance recognition and other functions. To achieve a small channel within the channel card does not charge, do not record credit card information, not with the host computer communication, small field communication with the host computer, credit card upload data to the server, capture pictures, according to the regional statistical parking spaces, fixed place in the field uniform charges , After the payment within a limited time to play, more than after the limit to be re-paid, the export can be configured automatically card machine, parking fees account, the same account, unified payment, customer or superior leadership to prevent the parking system can automatically Identify his license plate, play custom welcome words, automatic release, fixed length and fixed amount of the way of discount consumption, and other needs. Powerful integrated camera fill light system to change the traditional column, so that the owner of the pleasing to the eye on both sides of the colorful decorative lights more highlights the unique technology products taste, so that the entrance is more agile. (Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion) effect; the entrance door to open the door inside the booth, to solve the current industry card machine card without card when the card for the card Personnel affected by the weather of the drawbacks.


Third, the design is reasonable

TF1 To ensure that the staff of the vision, especially for the four sides of the lighting, and all the glass are used to strip the frosted glass, for the convenience of all windows with flat open, pulling dual-use windows.

Four, free installation

Equipment beautiful and generous, highly centralized, simple operation, special plane, full-featured, due to the integration of integration, but also eliminates the need for installation and construction of the trivial, just plug, plug in the power plug and play.