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Introduction Of The Scissor Lift Lift And Feature Location
Jun 13, 2016

Introduced: main using Yu lower buildings layer between transport goods, its structure substantial, hosted volume big, lifting smooth, installation maintenance simple convenient, can according to customer site environment different, set do different of configuration select, to reached better of using effect, main for workshop, and warehouse and various work put layer goods upper and lower transport: stereo garage and underground garage layer high between car lift rose,. Is a low economical alternative ideal goods transportation equipment for elevators between floors.

Features: scissor lift hydraulic system setting fall, overload safety reminders, reached by the floor and the lift table you can set the action button, multipoint control to achieve lift. Scissor lift lift product consistency, carrying capacity, stable lifting, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, and is economical and practical alternative ideal goods transportation equipment for elevators between floors. Loading and unloading operations or other large items. And cannot be moved only fixed operation, makes loading and unloading easy.

Location: mainly used in the production line or floor of the freight of materials that ATL and BTL; adjust the height of the workpiece when the workpiece Assembly; high feeder feeding; storage places of loading and unloading goods and forklift moving vehicle matching rapid loading and unloading, and so on. According to the installation and use requirements for electric lift, choose a different option, you can achieve better results. Mainly used for cargo warehouses, car parks, ports, construction, logistics, cargo transportation up and down at an altitude of.