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Lifting Oil Pump Oil Spill, The Cause Of The Noise And The Solution - De Sheng Lift
Jul 06, 2017


Hydraulic lift oil pump oil leakage, the cause of the noise and the solution Lift work long for a long time, and some of the lift pump will be a lot of bad phenomena such as oil spills, noise, etc., the following Jinliao Lift equipment for everyone to analyze such phenomena And the response to the way: lift platform pump oil leakage is mainly a long run of the pump, the shaft of the skeleton of the rotating seal caused by wear and tear for a long time. Replace the corresponding seal immediately.


Lifting platform oil pump noise mainly for the following reasons:

(1) The oil filter of the oil pump suction port is blocked. So that the oil resistance to increase, resulting in increased noise. The above problem is also suitable for silting station, but when the lubrication gear is spray gear. This makes it difficult to mix the oil and air to produce noise. Such as fuel tank small. Can only be properly added to the tank.

(2) the system is not sealed. The hydraulic oil inhaled a lot of air, so that the pump noise increases. Such as the pump end cap is not tight, or suction pipe is not tightened and so on.

(3) pump motor coupling gap cast has a good tune, the basic 1-1.5mm or so. Oil pump, the motor is not on the same axis, will also issue abnormal noise.

(4) oil viscosity. Especially to the winter, the oil flow is poor, plus the reducer of the oil return fine. Pumps often take the suction phenomenon. Noise, can only increase the oil pump to the reducer this section of the tubing. The oil is heated to increase the flow of oil.

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