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New Three-dimensional Parking Garage Debut Stop Three Cars Only 11 Square Meters
Oct 11, 2017

New three-dimensional parking garage debut stop three cars only 11 square meters


Today, a small automatic three-dimensional garage debut, just an area of 11 square meters, you can park three cars.

Four Post Parking Lift:

It is understood that this light automatic three-dimensional garage has original patented technology, its biggest feature is the small footprint, can be used sporadic corner to see the needle, tailored, only 11 square meters of three-dimensional garage, appearance and a three Large drawer similar to the occupying vehicles into and out, the user simply press the remote control, garage parking board will be able to automatically in place.

According to the engineers Gu Wenxin estimates, the current cost of this garage in the 10 million, especially for the parking spaces of residential residential units and institutions to develop the use of institutions, to a certain extent, can alleviate the problem of urban parking difficult.