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Principles Of Rail-type Hydraulic Elevators
Jun 13, 2016

Rail type explosion-proof valve in hydraulic freight elevator lifting machinery set up lift valves to prevent falling rapidly out of control accident lift table does not appear, and slow down, this is a major role of lift valves. Guide type hydraulic lifting freight elevator explosion-proof valve by valve body, and pressure spring, and sliding valve and block circle composition, valve body of cavity body has pressure spring, pressure spring also can in cavity body sliding of sliding valve connection, sliding valve by embedded in valve body of block circle limited bit, sliding valve of top Department has pass hole, sliding valve of bottom for blocking head, cavity body and valve body of into, and export connected. such on reduced has on staff of risk, once tubing rupture, made guide type hydraulic lifting freight elevator declined speed had fast Shi, explosion-proof valve fast close, into throttle State, Rail lift the table slowly declined, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, so as to play a security role. Rail lift, lift the freight elevator manufacturers, stationary lift wholesale mobile lift scissor lift hydraulic oil cylinder speed the selection process should be based on the flow of oil. Determining the piston and piston rod diameter under hydraulic pressure, piston and piston rod diameter to determine hydraulic pump pressure. Rail-type hydraulic elevators because the piston and piston rod diameter of hydraulic force and velocity are affected. When determining the working pressure and flow rate of the oil, should be considered.