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Scissor Lift Platform Use Precautions
Jul 06, 2017


1. Only qualified personnel can operate the lift.

2. The safety personnel must be attached to the lift.

3. Before the lift begins to operate, it is necessary to level the chassis and make the feet comfortable.

4. The operator must focus on the operation in accordance with the operating sequence specified in the instruction manual.

5. Scissor lift platform in the lifting process, it should be smooth and flexible, there should not be a sudden jump or jamming phenomenon, if the above phenomenon should be immediately

Parking check and try to eliminate before working.

6. If the hydraulic system occurs in one of the following circumstances should immediately stop the inspection, and take measures to eliminate:

  (1) Abnormal noise;

  (2) the oil temperature rises rapidly;

  (3) cylinder pressure and return oil pressure exception;

  (4) oil leakage;

  (5) When the up or down button is pressed, or after pushing up or lowering the manual valve, the table does not operate.


7. Press the up or down button action, the table if not move, in addition to check the hydraulic system, but also check whether the lifting mechanism of the phenomenon of stuck,

Whether the electrical part of the broken line, whether overload.

8. The top of the workbench should have safety clearance.

9. Before the power is turned on or the work is lifted, the operator must be careful to keep all controls at zero.

10. When the operator is carrying out high-altitude operations, the operator is not free to operate the lift.

11. Workbench During the lifting process, any part of the body carrying the person on the workbench shall not exceed the work surface boundary.

12. When the operator leaves the elevator, the power must be switched off.

Qingdao De Shengli Group reminded users to remember all the above matters, pay attention to the use of scissor lift when the safety!