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Self-propelled Lifts Maintenance
Jun 13, 2016

1. first before work to check if the battery has power, circuit control system is good or bad, whether the product master structure has changed, and PIN the rotation there is no exception.

2. after use, put back in place to recharge, ensure the battery power.

3. If you do not often use the lifts should be every 15 days check the battery fluid is up to standard, check whether the battery has power, should be regularly charged. When you want to check the battery water, if it is less than 20ml, and add water.

4. for product rotation pin add oil on a regular basis, to ensure the product's normal movements, regularly check the hydraulic oil level and oil, for the amount of oil and lifting power.

5, the hydraulic oil should be kept clean and shall not be mixed with water and other impurities, generally replaced once every six months.