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The Miniature Fully Automated Three-dimensional Garage Will Be Put On The Market
Oct 11, 2017

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The miniature fully automated three-dimensional garage will be put on the market:

A use of original patented technology produced by a small automatic three-dimensional garage, recently in China's Suzhou Industrial Park come out through the national identification and will be on the market in batches.

 This mini-automatic three-dimensional garage covers an area of only 12 square meters, similar to a three-tier drawer, the vehicle out of the user simply press the remote control, garage parking board will be able to automatically in place, the vehicle can access. In the original parking - car parking spaces on the use of this garage, you can park three cars, this garage cost of about 100,000 yuan.

It is understood that this new three-dimensional garage with a high degree of automation, easy operation without full-time staff management, safe and reliable, low prices and other characteristics, at the same time it also has low noise, low power consumption, rain, sun Advantages, especially for residential and institutional enterprises and institutions in the district on the appropriate road plate can also be built on the garage, the use of costs can also be significantly reduced.


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