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The World's First Magnetic Drive Three-dimensional Garage Covers An Area Of 100 Square Meters Can Stop 100 Cars
Oct 11, 2017

The world's first magnetic drive three-dimensional garage covers an area of 100 square meters can stop 100 cars:

Shunde District Leliu Street Longzhou Road, there is a stylish, full of high-tech sense of science and technology. But it is not a modern office, but a smart three-dimensional garage. Recently, the world's first magnetic drive three-dimensional garage by the community's concern, it is to solve the "parking difficult" to provide a new program: through the use of military and civilian integration technology, an area of 100 square meters of garage, can achieve 100 car park The


The garage was built in December last year, a total of 25 layers, each layer can be parked 4 cars, the garage can park up to 100 cars. It is only for the new home appliances Shunde headquarters staff to use, not open to the outside world. In the smart three-dimensional garage on the first floor, a total of left and right two entrances and exits, the top of the door shows the number of parking spaces.

How does the owner stop and take the car? It is understood that this is a vertical lift class three-dimensional garage, parking, the owner of the car into the car after the board, there will be a voice to remind the car to the appropriate location. When the person leaves the carrier board, the system will identify the vehicle specifications, then, the truck will be transported to the same size of the parking spaces, the entire process is fully automated, like the same as the elevator. The car is also very convenient, the car from the parking spaces transported to the bottom, the bottom of the carrier plate with a rotating disk device, will automatically turn the car, the owner just on the train directly on the line. The process of parking and picking takes about 3-5 minutes.

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The garage used with the Southwest Jiaotong University joint research and development of the magnetic levitation drive technology to achieve a high-speed access to vehicles, low failure rate and no noise, is the world's first magnetic drive three-dimensional garage. According to the construction of Guangdong Ming and Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. engineers introduced Li Jian, intelligent garage technical difficulties lies in the vehicle access and vehicle automatic handling, and vehicle handling mechanism based on magnetic drive technology based on the linear motor, while engineers also garage Has a positioning detection system, safety protection devices and leveling system, such as integration, constitute a complete set of magnetic levitation garage drive system.

According to reports, after the magnetic levitation drive technology used in the military field, such as aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapult system, maglev train, maglev handling vehicles, and this technology extends to the parking area is the first time.

Reporters learned that, with the smart garage projects increasingly receive more attention, Shunde District Government intends to introduce the project into the Shunde high-tech zones, the formation of intelligent three-dimensional garage production capacity. Once successfully landed, means that Foshan will have the first intelligent traffic three-dimensional garage project.